Following Branches are available in the Institute :

Branches Intake Capacity Duration
Electronics & Comm. Engg. 60 3 Years
Mechanical Engineering 120 3 Years
Electrical Engineering 60 3 Years
Computer Engineering 60 3 Years
Civil Engineering 60 3 Years

Eligibility Criteria

  • Educational Qualification : To be eligible for admission to first year of Diploma Courses in Engineering/Technology, the candidates should have;
    • Passed Secondary School Certificate (SSC) Examination of Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, or any other equivalent examination with and in
      • General Science or Physics & Chemistry,
      • Mathematics Or Algebra, and Geometry
      • English
    • Secured minimum 50% marks in aggregate (45% marks in aggregate in case of Backward Class candidates belonging to Maharashtra State), from a recognized school in Maharashtra State.
    • Direct Second Year admission for HSSC passed students with Technical and Vocational subjects 50% for open and 45% for backward classes from Maharashtra State .(Group A1, A2, A3, A4, C2, C3, D9).
    • Direct Second Year admission for MCVC , ATS & ITI passed students in related trades securing minimum 60% marks in aggregate at MCVC, ATS & ITI level .
  • Admission to Candidates who had been admited to First Year Diploma course during the previous academic years .

    A candidate who had been admited to first year diploma course during the previous academic year is eligible for the admission to first year diploma course during the current academic year subject to the condition that the earlier admission is cancelled before the last date of submission of Examination form for the previous year. Such candidates will not be eligible for exemption of any subjects passed during the earlier admission.
  • Reservations: For admission, reservations are provided for the seats under the purview of competent authority are detailed here. The seats earmarked for N.C.C. Candidates and J & K candidates and Govt. Of India nominees do not have further internal reservation.
    • Provision of 15% seats for candidates passing SSC examination with Technical/Vocational subject.
      • 15% seats of the sanctioned intake , course wise, shall be reserved for the candidates passing Std. X examination with Technical /Vocational subjects as prescribed by the Directorate of Vocational Education, Maharashtra State.
      • For deciding the merit such candidates, marks scored by the candidates in the SSC Examination, without considering the marks scored by the candidates in the Technical/Vocational subjects, shall be considered .
      • The seats reserved for these candidates shall have further reservation among themselves for the Backward Class categories mentioned in these Rules.
    • Reservation for Backward Class Candidates:

      The percentage of seats reserved for the backward class candidates from Maharashtra State are as per the details in table below. The percentages of reservation are the percentages of the sanctioned intake capacity for the course in all Govt., Non Govt. Aided and Unaided Polytechnics except for the institutes having minority status. In case of minority institutes, the percentage of reservation are the percentage of the seats coming under the purview of the competent authority . Backward class candidates shall claim the category to which they belong at the time of application. If a candidate fails to claim reservation for backward class on the application and subsequently claims reservation at the time of admission by producing necessary documents, such claim shall not be considered.
Sr. No. Category Reservation Percentage of reservation
01 Scheduled Castes And Scheduled caste converts to Buddism (SC) 13.0
02 Scheduled Tribes (S.T.) 7.0
03 Vimukta Jati (V.J.) and De notified Tribes (D.T.) 3.0
04 Nomadic Tribes (N.T. -1) 2.5
05 Nomadic Tribes (N.T. -2) 3.5
06 Nomadic Tribes (N.T. -3) 2.0
07 Other Backward Classes (O.B.C.) 19.0
08 Special Backward Classes (S.B.C.) 2.0
    • Physically Handicapped: 

      As per the provisions in Clause 39 of Equal Opportunities, Protection of Rights & Full Participation Act 1995, three percent (3%) seats of total sanctioned intake capacity of Government & Non Government Aided College shall be reserved for Physically handicapped candidates. 

      Out of the three percent reservation for Physically handicapped candidates.
      • One (1) percent seats shall be reserved for blind & visually impaired candidates (PI).
      • One (1) percent seats shall be reserved for speech & hearing impaired (deaf & dumb) candidates (P2)
      • One (1) percent seats shall be reserved for candidates with Orthopedic disorders and learning disabilities, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Dysgraphica, Spastic (P3)
    • Documents for supporting the reservation claim for Backward Classes: 

      The document requied for supporting the backward class reservation claim made by the candidates are as per details in the following table. 
Sr. No Category of Reservation Document required for supporting the backward class reservation claim Authority issuing the document
01 S.C./S.T./V.J./D.T./N.T. 1/S.B.C. Caste Certificate stating that the caste is recognized under reserved category in Maharashtra State. Executive Magistrate in Maharashtra State.
02 O.B.C./N.T. 2/N.T. 3 1.Caste Certificate stating that the caste is recognized under reserved category in Maharashtra State. 1.Executive Magistrate in Maharashtra State.
2.Non-creamy layer Certificate valid for the current year. 2.Sub divisional Officer/Deputy colletor / Collector of the district.